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Why Estate Planning is More Important Than Ever

There are many competing perspectives on estate planning; some people recognize the importance, while others believe that they would not benefit from crafting one. If you have not started on an estate plan for you and your family, understand that you are certainly not alone. In fact, you are in the majority. We understand it can be uncomfortable to consider your own mortality and how it might affect your loved Read More

Assisting A Loved One With Diminished Capacity

During these uncertain times brought about by the spread of Covid-19/the Coronavirus, many people have questions about the legal needs of loved ones who may be experiencing issues with diminished capacity or adult children with special needs.  The following information is intended to provide some brief insight into Conservatorship actions in Tennessee but it is not legal advice. You should consult an attorney about Read More

Navigating custody and coparenting during COVID-19

Many parents in shared-parenting arrangements are concerned about sending their child to the other parent’s home, thereby possibly exposing the child to other sources of COVID-19 infection.  Do you have to comply with a Permanent Parenting Plan or court order, and what are the consequences if you don’t? First, parents are allowed to modify the exchange schedules in a Permanent Parenting Plan if they do so by Read More

The Tennessee Justice Center and the Tennessee Supreme Court Have Taken Steps to Assist

When families experience a crisis event such as job loss, it can be hard to know how to get help.  The Tennessee Justice Center and the Tennessee Supreme Court have taken steps to make it easier for individuals impacted by crisis to obtain the answers they need to obtain help. The Tennessee Justice Center, a non-profit law firm based in Nashville that helps families access the basic necessities of life like Read More

CARES Act Guidance

COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, is significantly impacting small businesses in our state and across our country. In response, Congress’s third phase of its stimulus package is designed to combat this effect through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act” or the “Act”). The CARES Act proposes to give relief to small businesses in the form of Small Business Interruption Loans, which Read More

Emergency FMLA and Paid Sick Leave- What Employers Need to Know

On March 18th President Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  This new law requires certain employers to provide emergency limited paid and unpaid leave under the FMLA and emergency paid sick leave in certain limited circumstances.   Some of the highlights are discussed below. Beginning and End Date:  Both the expanded FMLA and the emergency paid sick leave provisions  take effect on April 2, Read More

Estate Planning Guidance

It is never a bad time to think about estate planning; however, in the midst of COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, many individuals have questions regarding the various estate planning documents and what they may need. The following is a very brief overview of some of the various documents; however, this is not legal advice, and you should always consult qualified counsel before taking any action.  A. Last Will Read More

Small Business Owners’ FAQ

The owners of small businesses do so much more than sell a product or service. They are team leaders, risk assessors, investment deciders, public relations coordinators, and so much more. One of the most important hats that small business owners wear is the legal hat. Smart business owners understand that they need to have proper procedures in place to ensure that everything they do is handled legally -- from hiring Read More

What to Expect When You Need to Appear in Court

When you’ve never been to court before, making an appearance can seem daunting. It’s a lot less intimidating, though, when you have a clear idea of what to expect. Read on to get the information you need to feel confident and prepared on your first day in court. Dress Code All individuals must dress appropriately for court hearings.  Anything considered distracting or disruptive to the judicial process is considered Read More

Five Things to Think About if You’re Considering a Civil Lawsuit

Most people have heard of a lawsuit. But what exactly does a lawsuit entail? And how do you know if the issue you’re dealing with warrants a lawsuit? Read on to find out! A lawsuit is a claim or dispute brought by one party or multiple parties against another party. There are several different kinds of civil lawsuits including:  Personal injury Other torts Contract dispute Property dispute And so much more If Read More