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Five Things to Think About if You’re Considering a Civil Lawsuit

Most people have heard of a lawsuit. But what exactly does a lawsuit entail? And how do you know if the issue you’re dealing with warrants a lawsuit? Read on to find out!

A lawsuit is a claim or dispute brought by one party or multiple parties against another party. There are several different kinds of civil lawsuits including: 

  • Personal injury
  • Other torts
  • Contract dispute
  • Property dispute
  • And so much more

If you’re considering a lawsuit, you should think about the following things before you decide whether or not to proceed with this legal action.

  1. Can you prove your case?

Do you have what it takes to believably prove your side of the story? Do you have witnesses who are willing to testify? Evidence? Screenshots of the wrongdoing? Your attorney can help you decide if there’s enough evidence for you to make a compelling case. 

  1. Are you certain that the person you want to sue is guilty of wrongdoing?

Determining this may require researching the law or gathering more information about your situation. You don’t want to pursue a lawsuit against someone only to later find out they actually did nothing wrong.

  1. Can you afford to pursue this lawsuit?

Going to court isn’t cheap. Lawsuits involve lawyer fees, filing fees, investigative costs, and so much more. Can you afford it?

  1. Is it worth it?

Is it worth it to you to follow through with this lawsuit? Does the person have the funds to give you the compensation you’re looking for if the lawsuit is successful? Would your compensation pay you for your time and your expenses with more left over at the end?

  1. Who will represent you?

If you’re suing someone, you will definitely need a lawyer. Do you have a qualified one already, or would you need a referral? If you need a lawyer referral, click here to learn more about Knoxville Bar Association’s helpful Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS).

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